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Read this article and discover more about explainer videos pricing! How much does a high-quality explainer video cost and other information!

When thinking about explainer videos, the first thing that pops up in your head is about its price – How much does an explainer video cost? This is a very popular question and you are not the only one worried about explainer videos pricing. The price for making a high-quality video is between $5000 to $35.0000 per minute. This number can vary depending on various factors such as the animation style you choose, the studio, the professional actors, and etc.

You probably think that this is too expensive for you or you can’t afford to pay a few thousand dollars for a video. Don’t worry as there are cheaper options, from $2000 to $5000 which can include freelancers, budget studios, and some great online software. The results of budget studios and amateurs are not simply comparable to professional animation.

Amateur explainer video does not speak well of your business, brand, and the products or services you are offering and we are sure that your potential customers will agree. If you decide to create an explainer video for promoting your brand, you better make it good, as it is all worth it.

When it comes to explainer videos pricing, there is one thing you should know about – the real cost of the video is not the price of making or production. It is actually all the business opportunities you missed out on before. It is proven that explainer videos are in 70% of the most popular search results on Google.
Customers expect to have their concerns and questions answered in a quick video and that one of the reasons why your customers and their problems should be the focus of your video.

Have you heard of Dollar Shave Club? This brand became famous and worldwide popular for the success for their explainer video. But enough about successful brands who have used the power of explainer videos. It is time to determine your needs and what you want to achieve with your video – more traffic, increased conversion rates, popularity?
Once you will determine your needs, you will be able to calculate the exact explainer video price. The two biggest indicators of explainer videos pricing are video style and video length. Based on that, you will calculate the final cost.

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