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What type of factors affect explainer video script length? How many words to include in 60 second explainer videos? Read this article and find out!

One of the most popular questions on the web is how many words to include in 60 second explainer videos? If you are one of those people who want to answer, you have come to the right place!

This same question has been asked many times, especially at the early stage of the project when clients started writing their own script and there were looking for guidelines about what they should say in the video and how to address the topic. The biggest issue was that clients were not familiar with how many words can be reserved for voice recording or a 60 second audio. But, don’t worry, as this article will give you all the information you need.

With an average reading speed, the voice actor should read up to 3 words per second or 180 words per minute (these are average numbers). Slower reading speed usually results in fewer words, there are some 60 second explainer videos that have 150 words in their script and there are videos with less than 100 words. It all depends on your script, what you want to say to your viewers, and what type of message you want to send.

Recording voice-over is different from how you pronounce the words and how you speak. The main point of voice-over is to keep the attention that was first gained by the visual of the explainer video. Besides a talent and a charismatic voice to seduce and charm people, a lot of time is required to be a perfect voice actor. As a matter of fact, a voice actor has to learn more than 200 resources and a tool to be able to optimize the end result of their recordings. The voice actor has to change their voice to a certain level in order to be a different person. On the other hand, the script should be appropriately written and work together with other elements such as music so it can make the experience of the viewers as interesting as possible within the next 60 minutes.

Anyway, in a conclusion, we would like to say that the scripts for 60 second explainer videos vary between 160 and 180 words in length. This variation is usually caused by different reading speeds for each voice actor, pauses, and emphasized words in each script.

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