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Do you need an animated explainer video to promote your business or brand? Make it yourself with these popular animated explainer videos software tools!

Business owners, designers, and marketers have realized the incredible value of animated videos as one of the best techniques that should be utilized to maximize customer engagement and drive more sales.
If you need an animated explainer video to promote your business or brand, we have good news for you, you can make it yourself. Yes, you can create a video all by yourself with these amazing animated explainer videos software tools:

➢ CrazyTalk – This is one of the best and most entertaining video software on the market. It is focused on facial animation for both Mac and Windows. It comes with great features such as 3D head creation tool which allows easy creation of 3D avatars and full-body animations. It can also offer you appearance customization which allows you to fully modify clothing, physical features, and hairstyle. When it comes to the pricing plans, the standard edition can be bought at $39, the pro package costs $99 and the final or the pipeline package costs $149. Depending on what type of features you are looking for, you can choose a package.
➢ Toon Boom Harmony – This animated video software provides all the tools you need to create an amazing animated explainer video. Some of its most important features are 2D and 3D designs, production and implementation support, and various drawing and sketching functions. It allows you to improve creations by use of old-fashioned painting tools. When it comes to the prices, the essential package cost $16 per month or $192 per year and it includes a user interface in 4 different languages. The advanced package cost $41 per month or $492 per year, and the premium package cost $78 per month and $936 per year.
➢ After Effects – This is the most dependable and sophisticated solution on the market. It offers unique features such as Character Animator that immediately make it stand out from the crowd. This software comes with Adobe Stock or more than 60 million photos, videos, and graphics at your disposal, Creative cloud libraries which allows you to save colors, looks, photos, and metadata, and Character Animator CC which is an animation-made tool. They offer a free trial which you can use to determine whether or not they are the best option for you. They have only 1 premium option available – $19.99 per month for an annual plan.

Pick a software and create the best animated explainer videos to promote your business or brand!

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